A book about the history of Acorn Farm and its founders, Herb and Dee Sweet, is now available!
Softcover, 262 pages, with over 200 photos and eight pages in full color
  ISBN:  978-0-9841456-2-1
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Herb Sweet started America's first day camp with little more than a used station wagon, the loving support of his sweetheart, Dee and his knowledge of and enthusiasm for everything having to do with nature and traditional crafts. The Sweets had an unusual talent for stimulating kids' natural curiosity, energy and creativity, which made learning exciting and fun for them. In addition to directing camp, Herb was a schoolteacher; with Dee's help, he created a children's activity feature that was syndicated nationwide. The feature led to one of Indianapolis' first live television shows. Dee had a career as a local television personality, and, finally, they became recognized authorities in the antique trade. The book's sources include original ledgers, journals, and camp newsletters as well as the memories of some of the 15,000 campers who still carry the lessons they learned at camp from Herb and Dee. These lessons have served, and will serve, for generations.

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